Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zombies vs. Robots: Women on War - Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly

[star] Women on War!: A Zombies vs. Robots Anthology
Edited by Jeff Conner. IDW, $19.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-61377-407-6

"This compilation combines the best of graphic novels and anthologies, featuring amazing illustrations by Ericka Lugo and short stories by women who have lifted the zombies vs. robots theme to a whole new level. The anthology follows This Means War! and is also based on the ZvR graphic novel series, but newcomers will find it quite accessible. The stories feature entirely different worldviews while flowing seamlessly together. In Nancy A. Collins’s “Angus: Zombie vs. Robot Fighter,” Angus is a boy warrior who has been raised by robots for one purpose—to kill zombies. He is humanity’s last, best hope. Or is he? In “Mademoiselle Consuela,” Amber Benson speculates on what happens when a warbot is the only one left to nurture a human girl on an isolated island. In “The Virgin Sacrifices,” Rachel Swirsky creates an Amazon love story torn asunder by zombies and robots. Every story sparkles with creativity while admirably meeting the needs of the theme. (Dec.)" Reviewed on: 10/15/2012 by Publisher's Weekly.