Anthologies (short fiction & poetry)

High Stakes: A Vampire Anthology, edited by Gabriella Faust. Includes an introduction by Dacre Stoker. Short Fiction, "Bonesong," by Rain Graves is included. eBook version is only $3.99; Print book version is $11.99. Published by EvilJesterPress in 2013.

Tales from the House Band, Vol. 2 (Plus One Press, Dec. 2012). The short story "Star Light, Star Bright," by Rain Graves is included. $16.95 Trade paperback.

Zombies vs. Robots: Women on War! November, 2012, IDW Publishing. Trade paperback: $19.99. Signed Limited Edition to be announced. "The Meek, the Earth, and The Inheritance," by Rain Graves (short fiction). Highly anticipated second volume in the series of anthologies. Introduction by Nancy Holder. Sell-out risk high.

Tales from the House Band vol.One. 2011, Plus One Press. Trade paperback: $16.95. "Vampire Fiction," by Rain Graves (short fiction).

Dark Faith, 2010, Apex Books. "Lilith," (poetry). Trade paperback: $18.95.

In Laymon's Terms: A Tribute to Richard Laymon. 2011, Cemetery Dance Publications. Hardcover & Signed Limited Edition. "Wild Card," By Rain Graves (short fiction). Out of print and highly collectible.

Bad News (edited by Richard Laymon). Cemetery Dance Publications. Out of Print and highly collectible - 2 editions; Hardcover & Leather Tray-cased limited edition.

(there are many more to add from the complete bibliography, but most are out of don't worry! You aren't missing out).

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