Friday, June 7, 2013

New Review of Four Elements & Release Date for Haunted Mansion Project: Year Two!

There is a great review of The Four Elements by Linda Addison, Charlee Jacob, Marge Simon, and Rain Graves (2013, Bad Moon Books) at The Horror Fiction Review . The Haunted Mansion Project: Year Two, edited by Loren Rhoads and Presented by Rain Graves will be available in eBook format first, at 12:01am on 6/13/13 at World Horror Con 2013 and Bram Stoker Awards Weekend. Here's the spiffy cover art, which is a full spectrum photograph taken by Nikki Boscia of Ghost-Girls, looking down the stairwell into the foyer of the house. Keep your eyes peeled at the witching hour for the release, over at

Contributors include:

Nicole Boscia
S.G. Browne
Christian Colvin
Alexa deMonterice
Fran Friel
Kristin Galvin
William Gilchrist
Sephera Giron
Stacey Graham
Rain Graves
E.S. Magill
Chris Marrs
Rena Mason
Angel Leigh McCoy
Lisa Morton
Yvonne Navarro
Weston Ochse
Kim Richards
Loren Rhoads
Kay Sundstrom
Dan Weidman