Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Now Available... The Four Elements & Tales from the House Band vol. 2

The Four Elements (with Linda Addison, Charlee Jacob, & Marge Simon). January 2013, Bad Moon Books. Now available! Trade paperback: $17.95. Signed Limited Edition Hardcover: $35.00. eBook to be announced.

Four Bram Stoker Award™ winning poets join together to paint a rich, dark tapestry of evocative emotion in The Four Elements. From modern interpretations to ancient mythology, they explore the magic and mystery of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Their vivid poetry and prose brings to life a universe in a grain of sand, taking the reader through a journey of discovery from the inside out. Hear the hot voice of invisible awareness in Linda Addison's interpretation of Air. Explore the realm of ethereal and surreal liquidity in Rain Graves' Water. Burn from crevice to crown in Charlee Jacob's wild-eyed visions of Fire. Contemplate Marge Simon's poignant twists of dark irony to eruptions of spontaneous wonder in Earth. There is something for everyone in The Four Elements--conjured especially for the reader that likes to examine the meticulous depth and meaning in every word.

Tales from the House Band, Vol. 2 (Plus One Press, Dec. 2012). My short story, "Star Light, Star Bright," is included. $16.95 Trade paperback.