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The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One - Available in Trade Paperback or eBook version, Published by Damnation Books, June 2013.

The Four Elements (with Linda Addison, Charlee Jacob, & Marge Simon). January 2013, Bad Moon Books. Now available! Trade paperback: $17.95. Signed Limited Edition Hardcover: $35.00. eBook to be announced.

Four Bram Stoker Award™ winning poets join together to paint a rich, dark tapestry of evocative emotion in The Four Elements. From modern interpretations to ancient mythology, they explore the magic and mystery of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Their vivid poetry and prose brings to life a universe in a grain of sand, taking the reader through a journey of discovery from the inside out. Hear the hot voice of invisible awareness in Linda Addison's interpretation of Air. Explore the realm of ethereal and surreal liquidity in Rain Graves' Water. Burn from crevice to crown in Charlee Jacob's wild-eyed visions of Fire. Contemplate Marge Simon's poignant twists of dark irony to eruptions of spontaneous wonder in Earth. There is something for everyone in The Four Elements--conjured especially for the reader that likes to examine the meticulous depth and meaning in every word.

The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One. 2012, Damnation Books. eBook: $5.95. Trade paperback: $20.00. Also available on Kindle.

"This is a book that I cannot recommend highly enough. There's a little bit of everything here for you -- terrific prose, thrilling recounts of things doing a bit more than just bumping in the night, and an honest and thorough accounting of what a paranormal investigation is all about. --Bob Freeman - The Crow's Caw, April 11, 2012

Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark Bars & Questionable Cafes, Published in 2009 from Cemetery Dance. Finalist: 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry.

"Rain Graves writes really nasty poetry. She is a mistress of creating images that stick, the kind that you cannot get out of your mind—not even using steel wool and a small, extremely sharp knife." — Neil Gaiman

"Bukowski meets Lovecraft in this collection of more than 100 short poems from Stoker-winner Graves (Blood of a Black Bird). She explores a diversity of themes, including love, the search for self and the ubiquity of death in all its forms, from a scorned woman contemplating murder to a flying dinosaur devouring all in its path. Grave's cynical wit and macabre imagination are showcased in “Ladies of the Night,” where female barflies are likened to melancholy vampires; the brilliantly allegorical “Unwanted Yellow Flowers,” where lawn mowers have “metallic teeth” and dandelions “lay in wait/for the kiss of death”; and “Slick Eddie Dog One-Fifty-One,” where a killer describes his victims as matchbooks full of dormant fire. Though there's no real narrative thread of progression to the hodgepodge of dark imagery, horror aficionados will enjoy the wry, nihilistic verse." — Publishers Weekly

"Rain Graves' poetry is, by turns, surreal and very real, grand and romantic as the tango and nasty—even downright gross—as bugs crawling through your bed at night, burrowing through your sleeping bones. She can be funny and spooky and angry and tender and sometimes truly haunting, essaying life's tragedies and joys and triumphs with equal vigor. She's erotic and she's wicked." — Jack Ketchum

The Gossamer Eye (with Mark McLaughlin & David N. Wilson), 2002, Meisha Merlin Publishing. Winner of the 2002 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry. Currently Out of Print and collectible. Occasionally you can find used copies.

"Rain Graves' work is a delight to read. It easily runs the distance from softly dark to pleasingly perverse. I highly recommend The Gossamer Eye-and everything else she does." —Charlee Jacob, Author of Haunter, This Symbiotic Fascination

"Lush and bloody, Gothic in every sense, the poetry of Rain Graves has a murderously seductive voice." —Poppy Z. Brite, Author of LOST SOULS, DRAWING BLOOD, EXQUISITE CORPSE, LIQOUR

"Rain Graves writes with power, darkness and grace. A strong, new voice in the field of horror fiction and poetry." --Richard Laymon, Author of ISLAND, ALL HALLOW'S EVE, BITE, TO WAKE THE DEAD, ENDLESS NIGHT and more…

"The beauty of Rain Graves’ poetry is a guilty pleasure; both passionate and horrific in the same breath." –Barry Hoffman, Author (Leisure books) and Publisher, Gauntlet Press.

"I’ve seen Rain Graves’ short fiction before, but I never knew she was such an accomplished poet. The title poem alone is magnificent. Graves writes about death, matriarchs, and love." --Patrick Swenson, Publisher, Talebones, Summer 2003

"[The Gossamer Eye] is a collection of mostly poetry, about equally divided among the three authors, with a few short stories sprinkled in. Most of the poems have a fantastic connection, primarily horror. I know many people have difficulty reading poetry, but that shouldn't be the case with these, which in virtually every case contain a discernible narrative. So try this for a collection of creepy, disturbing images wrapped in clever prose." -The [formerly Sci-fi] Chronicle