Friday, March 10, 2017

After a long hiatus... WFC2017!

Hello Gods and Goddesses. It's me, Rainy.

I've been gone a long time from this website, as I have not been able to maintain it the way it deserves. You will find a lot of older information on here, but it's still good information. I have confirmed my registration for World Fantasy Con 2017 in San Antonio, Texas this November, and hope to participate in the programming, as usual. Hope to see you all there.

For those of you interested, there is an interview with me over at the HWA website for Women In Horror Month, along with many of my beautiful and talented colleagues. Scroll down the Blog to see the rest. Lots of goodies in there!

Lastly, I've moved. Like...really, really MOVED. All the way to South Texas! I'm still in the Bay Area twice a year, however, for the work I do at Isis Oasis Sanctuary and Temple of Isis HQ over in Geyserville. I'm still reading tarot, putting on events, and making/selling metaphysical jewelry. Given my new location, I've not paid too many House Cleansing calls to locals yet, but I'm sure that will surface in time. As you can see, I've been very busy with life. Lucky for you, that means lots of inspiration for writing the next book. Stay tuned. :-)